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Whether you’re looking for a townhouse or a stand-alone home, we’ve created premium quality Section & Build packages for you to choose from …

new home in porirua


The home we’ll build for you at Kenepuru Landing in Porirua will be comfortable, healthy, and economical to run. We’ll be using materials in the construction that are easy on the planet wherever possible. And a reasonable price doesn’t mean we’ll compromise on quality – the fittings, fixtures and whiteware are from leading brands. The homes are all designed for 21st-century living, and boast the latest features, including family kitchens, indoor-outdoor flow, double glazing, materials that deliver high performance while being low maintenance, and energy-efficient heating.

new home in porirua



Be sure to refresh your browser often to see the latest updated availability in the table below.

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Lot no. House Availability Lot size (sqm)
16 Oreti Allocated 338 sqm
31 (end unit) Pakiri townhouse Allocated 177 sqm
32 Pakiri townhouse Available 158 sqm
33 Pakiri townhouse Available 158 sqm
34 Pakiri townhouse Available 158 sqm
35 (end unit) Pakiri townhouse Allocated 190 sqm
78 (end unit) Pakiri townhouse Allocated 175 sqm
79 Pakiri townhouse Available 143 sqm
80 Pakiri townhouse Available 143 sqm
81 Pakiri townhouse Available 144 sqm
82 (end unit) Pakiri townhouse Available 180 sqm
88 Oreti Allocated 354 sqm
108 (end unit) Pakiri townhouse Not Available 172 sqm
109 Pakiri townhouse Not Available 152 sqm
110 Pakiri townhouse Not Available 157 sqm
111 Pakiri townhouse Not Available 161 sqm
112 (end unit) Pakiri townhouse Not Available 199 sqm
130 Ahuriri Allocated 347 sqm
132 Tongariro Allocated 316 sqm
134 Ahuriri Allocated 361 sqm

All Section & Build Lots

new home in porirua

View the detailed SITE PLAN (pdf) here, for whole of Stage 1 development. Zoom in to see houses on lots.