Project Description

PAKIRI – Lots 31 to 35



SECTION & BUILD : $635,000
(deposit required $33,410)

FLOOR AREA : 151.98 sqm

LOTS : 32, 33, 34

See End-Units 31 and 35

What is a
Section & Build package?

Low-maintenance, stylish urban living

  • ESPAN470/cedar cladding
  • Compressed steel tile roofing
  • Sustainable building materials
  • Energy-efficient design
  • Quality fittings and fixtures
  • Landscaped, fenced section

The Pakiri Townhouse end units are the same layout and size as the intermediate units but have extra windows (in the end exterior wall) and slightly larger lot size. Considered design delivers an energy-efficient, comfortable urban living environment, and makes the most of available space in this attractive 3-bedroom townhouse, clad on its exterior with stylish cedar panelling. The open-plan living and dining area on the ground floor has a generous ceiling height, and includes a modern kitchen. An internal garage, toilet and laundry area complete the ground floor. Upstairs, three bedrooms including the master with en suite see plenty of natural light. The main bathroom has modern fittings and infinity gas hot water ensures the shower will never run cold! The home is well-conditioned all year round with a heat pump and double-glazing.

Please Note: Exterior colours shown are indicative – exterior colours and full specification will be provided as part of Building Contract.

Pakiri floor plan – Lots 32, 33, 34


Pakiri elevations – Lots 32, 33, 34



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Lot no. House Availability Lot size (sqm)
16 Oreti SOLD 338 sqm
31 (end unit) Pakiri townhouse SOLD 177 sqm
32 Pakiri townhouse SOLD 158 sqm
33 Pakiri townhouse SOLD 158 sqm
34 Pakiri townhouse SOLD 158 sqm
35 (end unit) Pakiri townhouse SOLD 190 sqm
78 (end unit) Pakiri townhouse SOLD 175 sqm
79 Pakiri townhouse SOLD 143 sqm
80 Pakiri townhouse SOLD 143 sqm
81 Pakiri townhouse SOLD 144 sqm
82 (end unit) Pakiri townhouse SOLD 180 sqm
88 Oreti SOLD 354 sqm
108 (end unit) Pakiri townhouse SOLD 172 sqm
109 Pakiri townhouse SOLD 152 sqm
110 Pakiri townhouse SOLD 157 sqm
111 Pakiri townhouse SOLD 161 sqm
112 (end unit) Pakiri townhouse SOLD 199 sqm
130 Ahuriri SOLD 347 sqm
132 Tongariro SOLD 316 sqm
134 Ahuriri SOLD 361 sqm

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View the detailed SITE PLAN (pdf) here, for whole of Stage 1 development. Zoom in to see houses on lots.